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Top merits of using swim caps

You will notice that a lot of swimmers wear swim caps. Whether swimming for leisure or swimming professionally and racing, swim caps have many advantages which make them popular amongst all types of swimmers. Before you go out for your next swim, making sure that your bag is packed with all the essentials is important. And a swim cap is one more essential you should certainly ensure that you have this useful accessory. Swim caps are made with special material that allow comfortable and tight fitting to the head to keep water out and heat in. They are preferred by both professional and recreational swimmers because of their many advantages. To convince you of why you need it, you should know these top merits of using a swim cap.

Keep warm
When in swimming in cold water, keeping warm is of utmost importance. You want to protect your body against potential dangers of developing an illness. A swim cap is made of material that retains heat on the head and allows that much more comfort while swimming in cold water. This is especially useful when swimming in open water sources which have no source of heating.

Keep hair in one place
When swimming, hair, especially longer hair, can become a serious distraction. For one reason, hair in water becomes dispersed and can get into face and eyes. This obstruction while swimming can prove to be quite cumbersome for the swimmer is likely to have to get up from the water to brush hair away. With a swim cap, you can enjoy more swimming and less of pushing hair aside. This is because a right sized swim cap is able to retain your hair on your head and keep it locked.

Increase speed
If you are going to the pool for some serious business, this is of great importance to know. Speed in water is increased by a smooth surface that is able to glide smoothly between water. A swim cap is able to do just that. Caps are made of smooth surfaced silicone which allows a well rounded and smooth surface on the head when worn. Considering that drag in water reduces speed and drag itself is created by uneven surfaces. A swim cap allows hair to stay in one place and create a smooth surface instead of an uneven one of hair. This allows the swimmer to move more swiftly and fast on the waters due to reduced resistance.

Care for your hair
Another reason why it is good to use a swim cap is the protection it provides for your hair. The swimming pool is contaminated by a number of pollutants. There is chlorine and a number of other residues left in the swimming pool. Though it is cleaned regularly, this does not guarantee that the pool is clean in the micro level. There are a number of bacterias that thrive in the pool and that can potentially reach your scalp. Additionally, pH levels may damage your hair and cause dryness. Using a swim cap protects against both of these types of contaminants.


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