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Welcome to our website diving-swimming.com which is one of the largest shopping stores offering all types of swimming products, lifeguards and the aquatic safety products. Our products are of higher quality, stylish and available in all different sizes at reasonable prices.

We have huge variety of products available on our website and the customers can book and order the products using the online shopping facility. Here we have offered information in brief about the range of swimming products available in our store for your kind consideration.

Swimwear costumes

One piece swimwear
mainly for the sportsperson and professional it is the most suitable bathing suit which fits well and without revealing much it can make you feel comfortable either on swimming pool or the beach.

Two piece tankinis sweamwear
It is best suited for the person who needs more flexibility and comfort. It can fit well and allows the body movements freely.

Women swimwear
For the women who want to show themselves with full of confidence and it help you in relaxing over the beach. It is available in many alluring colors and designs.

Swimwear for Men
As a market leader in producing highly innovative swimwear for a many years, Swift has designed and created swimwear for men meant to ensure you perform at optimal levels. With so many styles to choose from Swift, every swimmer is given a competitive edge. Whether you are simply trying to improve workouts in the pool or training for a major swimming event, we supply swimsuits and numerous other accessories that significantly improve your time in water.

Girls’ swimwear
The highly superior fabric which gives ultraviolet protection to the body from the sun rays. it is available in modern styles with trendy designs.

Boys’ and Mens’ swimming trunks
To make the swimming and surfing comfortable, the well fitted, long lasting and fashionable trunks are made available specially for boys and for men.

Rash Guards for men and Women

Just like men, women too can enjoy the benefits provided by women's rash guards. With these feeling you never get the feeling of sagging swimsuit or even wearing down as a result of lotion and chlorine. Swift rash guards made for women are created using Lycra fiber. The fiber makes it feel as though it is still new even when used countless times. Even so, you need to consider protection for your hair as well for added protection by using swim caps.

Swimming goggles
The goggle which is useful while swimming and which is mainly used to protects eyes of the young children while swimming. It is fitted with mirror lens which keeps reflecting ray of light away from eyes while swimming. The goggles are made up off soft hypoallergenic material. For a more relaxed swim, Swift has a range of goggles. So, whether you are enjoying an afternoon at the beach or having a good time by the poolside, the recreational goggles are just right for you. The goggles are available in various types such as: mirror lens, optical lens, classic swedish- style are available in all ranges for the swimmers of all ages.

Swim Caps
Both the competitive and recreational swim caps provide many benefits. Kids swim caps offer protection for children's hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. Moreover, they also reduce drag for the young competitive swimmers who race fast. Swim goggles can be worn together with goggles to reduce the amount of drag.

Other accessories
Also we have made available the most commonly used accessories which is useful for professional swimmers as well as for armature. The products are swimming caps, swim paddles, live jackets, kick board, ear plugs, nose clips and host of other products.

Share Swift's passion for swimming and browse through the complete list of top performance swimming products made to meet the highest standards possible. The swimwear and swimming accessories for all family members will certainly make your summer afternoons by the beach even more enjoyable. Swift swimming products guarantee durability and quality you can depend on.


Our Swimming products are exported to the worldwide countries like American, Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, UK, France, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Belgium,Venezuela, Bulgaria, Burma, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Iceland, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Switzerland etc.

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