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Home >> ear plugs and nose clips

It is common to see a number of synchronized swimmers wearing a pair of ear plug and nose clip when swimming. These swimmers perform complex turns and twists in the water and in most cases, water can get into the ear and nose, especially when they are not careful enough. These plugs can also be worn by the beginners, who wish to be professional swimmers. They can help such swimmers to learn how to master how to hold their breath in water. They also help to prevent water from entering through the ears.

ear plug nose clip nose clip ear plug
ear plug nose clip nose clip ear plug

Purposes of the plugs
The earplugs are inserted in the ear, while the nose clip will pinch the nose and block the water from entering. They are used even by the most talented swimmers, especially when doing a particular type of swimming style. They can also be at risk when diving and when in an upside-down posture in the water. With the earplugs, they block water from entering the ear in the same manner.

They prevent you if you are allergic
In case you are allergic to the chemicals used in pools, the earplug and nose clips will help you to prevent your internal bod system from being infected. When the water is kept out, you will be safe from any possible irritation in the water.

More stokes
You will freely swim in the water, while you perform all the different types of swimming, without having to worry about the water getting through the nose or the ear. This makes the entire swimming experience more interesting and full of fun.

Learning how to use the buds and clips
In most cases, when you are learning how to swim, especially in deep waters, you will be needed to remove the clips and buds. The main aim of this is to train the swimmer to master how to hold their breath in the water, without having the clip on. With the clips and buds, the swimmer will learn how to use the clips, without having any discomfort.

Choosing the right earplug or nose clip
When you are looking for the perfect set of nose clip and ear plug, you will need to be extremely keen. You will want to choose the size that will comfortably fit on your nose or ear. When you have the right size, you will be sure of enjoying while in the water.

You should choose one that is easy to wear and if they have any add-ons, they must be easy to operate. They should be tight enough, when you clip them on the nose, or when you insert the plugs in the ear. You should not be able to feel the air getting through the nose when you have the clips on. You should feel like a vacuum when you wear the ear plug and nose clip. This will assure you of having a reliable set of clips and plugs that will prevent water from entering your head and breathing system. Above all, choose a reputable brand and from a reliable store, where you can be sure of having the right supplies.


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