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Many different types of life jackets are available on our site. You can choose from a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. Some are rugged, robust, and last longer while other varieties are designed to offer protection to the wearer in freezing cold water. To choose the right life jacket PFD for rescue purposes, it is imperative that you consider your specific needs and the situations where they apply best. For instance, you need to take into account the activities you intend to participate in, water conditions, as well as the right one that meets your individual tastes and preference. Below are just some of the life jackets you can buy from us and some factors to consider prior to making a purchase decision.

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Type 1 (Offshore Life Jacket)
This particular PFD is perfectly suited for long-term survival in open, rough waters where rescue efforts may take a while. It is designed to make the unconscious person face upwards and provides more than 22 pounds buoyancy. If you are shopping around for the most suitable PFD that will keep you afloat especially if you are in remote areas where rescue efforts are likely to take long, then this offshore life jacket is the perfect one for you. Furthermore, you can purchase them in different sizes that suit both children and adults.

Type 2 (The Near-Shore Buoyant Vest)
The Near-Shore Buoyant vest is a classic style PFD that is available in many different sizes for both children and adults. The PFD is superb for inland water or in situations where rescue can be done fast. It is quite affordable and less bulky when compared to the type 1 life jacket. Moreover it has the ability to turn someone unconscious to face up while in water. Like the type 1, the Near-shore vest is also made available in a variety of sizes.

Type 3 (Floatation Aid)
This life jacket is classified as the best in terms of offering comfort. The jacket is suitable for sporting activities as well as boating activities. Like the Type 2, the floatation aid will serve well in situations where fast rescue is possible although it cannot turn someone unconscious to face upwards. The floatation aids are also available in different sizes and styles as well. The jacket is designed in a way that it keeps the person wearing it vertical. Nevertheless, it may be necessary for the individual wearing it to ensure his or her head is tilted back as this prevents the wearer's head from facing down. Prolonged stay in rough waters or extended survival situations on the other hand does not suit the jacket. The Type 3 jacket provides ease of movement particularly in water sports. Moreover, the superior level of comfort the jacket provides means it can be worn continuously. Fishing vests, float coats and life jacket vests are fitted with features for different types of sporting activities are good examples of the PFD in this category.

Type 4 (Hybrid Inflatable or Special Use Device)
Type 4 is a device meant for specific activities. It can serve the same purpose as any other PFD although it will work best if instructions are followed as presented on the label. Quite a number of the devices provide the wearer hypothermia protection. Work vests in this category in contrast offer ease of movement. Some are designed like hybrid inflatables and good examples are the float coats that combine a buoyant material together with a bladder that is inflatable to provide extra lift.

Inflatable Jackets
These are fitted with inflatable chambers to make them buoyant when inflated. The un-inflated inflatable jackets are not as bulky as the buoyant life vests. Inflatables are made available based on performance types. So, each model of life jacket has its own characteristics that include: in-water performance, level of buoyancy, and inflation mechanism. To know more about the functionality of a life vest or life jacket, you may need to read the label printed on the gear.

If you are shopping around for a life jacket of life vest, you will discover from our site that we supply many different types of life jackets specifically meant to serve different purposes in different situations. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and sizes for both children and adults.


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