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A pull buoy and kick board can provide confidence to a new swimmer, whether old or young. Pull buoys and kickboards are often used by swim instructors as floatation device, allowing their students to get buoyancy and ensuring that desired movements are isolated, such as the dolphin or flutter kick. Since pull buoys and kick boards enable swimmers to keep their heads above water, instructors can swim alongside them and communicate easily. If you are a reluctant swimmer, a pull buoy and a kickboard will also boost your confidence by keeping you afloat while you do laps or tread water.

pull buoy
pull buoy kick board

Pull Buoy – A pull buoy is a piece of foam that you can hold between your thighs to remain buoyant. A pull buoyant will keep your hips and legs at the surface of the water, so you will have to kick and you will be able to focus solely on body rotation technique and pulling. Since your upper body will be isolated by the pull buoy, it will also help increase your arm strength.

Kickboard – A kickboard is another straightforward piece of swimming gear. Generally, it is in the shape of a rectangular piece of foam that can help you increase your leg endurance by helping you isolate your kick. However, the benefits of kickboards depend on their shape and style.

Pull Buoy Buoyancy, Design, Shape & Size
One and two-piece pull buoys are two main silhouettes available. One-piece pull buoys, as their name suggests, are sculpted from a single piece of soft foam and they almost like an “8.” The end which is placed under the thigh can also be wider so that it can be easily gripped for long periods of time. Two-piece pull buoys are made up of two individual foam cylinders with nylon straps connecting them and they happen to be an old-fashioned design but also ensure a customized fit.

Types Of Kickboards
Generally, kickboards for adults tend to be highly buoyant, rigid and thick. Conventional kickboards have a rectangular shape with a concave bottom, while the front tends to be slightly rounded. These also happen to be the most reasonably priced kickboards and are very common.

Ergonomic kickboards is another type that reduced the strain that traditional kickboards can put on the shoulder. Lighter foam is used to make them and their shape tends to be more hydrodynamic and triangular, as a result of which resistance is minimized when moving through water. Of course, they also tend to be more expensive, but unless you are an advanced swimmer or are having shoulder issues, you will not really need an ergonomic kickboard.

Kickboards for children tend to be lighter and smaller than those for adults. They are designed so that kids can easily grip them, so they can easily handled by little ones who are learning to swim. These kickboards are often also decorated with graphics and vibrant colors in order to boost the confidence of children and encourage them to get into the water.

Using a pull buoy and kickboard will allow you to focus specific swimming workouts, depending on whether you want to isolate your lower or upper body. Since they will allow you to isolate certain muscles, you will be able to learn to swim more effectively and exercise more efficiently, while the results will be notable.


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