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Home >> swedish competition swim goggles: Simplicity And Comfort

The highly popular Swedish competition swim goggle is a classic and a favorite among the competitive swimmers all over the globe. The fact that it is a self assembly piece means you can easily get the right fit thereby enabling you to cut down your race time significantly. Furthermore, the Swedish goggles are capable of holding up to many years of being exposed to chlorine. Unlike the conventional goggles, Swedish goggles create less drag. This is one of the main reasons why the majority of competitive swimmers use other styles for purposes of training and switch to Swedish goggles for competition.

swedish swim goggle swedish swim goggle
swedish competition swim goggle SG754 swedish competition swim goggle SG635

a. Dual strap evenly distributes pressure around head
b. Low Profile lenses and frame
c. Custom fit
d. Adjustable nose bridge suitable for all types of face shapes
e. Reduced drag
f. Greater visibility

Easy to Assemble and Customize
The process of assembly is rather simple. As a result, you can easily customize and fit the goggles based on your requirements. Detailed instructions are provided with every single pair, and the process of assembly takes only several minutes. The fact that they fit a vast majority of swimmers makes them highly desirable. Even so, they may not fit kids properly since children have smaller orbitals that are likely to affect sealing.

Easily adjustable nose bridge string
The nose bridge is something you will notice in an instant. It is a smart and innovative design considering the bridge is infinitely adjustable. Whereas other goggles require interchangeable pieces, the Swedish competition goggles' nose bridge is easily replaceable with a string or a small piece of clear tubing. This makes it ideal especially if you wish to make a length adjustment between the two eye pieces.

The Swedish competition swim goggle is really great. Comfort and simplicity is provided in a single package at a very affordable price. For a simple and highly effective goggle, you can never go wrong with Swedish Competition goggles.


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